Why SEO Blog Templates? & Free eBook

May 16th, 2007 by admin

To Download our WordPress SEO Blog Templates, Scroll down to the Side Bar and start downloading now!



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We chose the WordPress blogging platform over the others like Movable Type, Blogger and Text Pattern. Because it has a great template system, it’s easy to use, and great for SEO. We’ve taken WordPress from okay for SEO to super for SEO. Most WordPress Free Blog templates were not fully optimized, therefore we decided to do it our self.  Follow us on http://twitter.com/enthos

We also wrote a complete guide on how to fully optimize your copy of WordPress including optimizing the templates, robots, click on the Menu Above, the simple SEO book, or click on the Orange Graphic to download an eCOPY for FREE  Blogs & Internet Marketing Book MARKETING is a CONTACT Sport by V.K. Singh and MyTypes.com.


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