Social Marketing via faceBook works if you know what you are doing

April 7th, 2009 by admin

I have been blogging about faceBook for a long time, and have thought a number of posts to blog about.  This article today from Forbes is very interesting.  The slant is that faceBook has a long ways to go before it becomes profitable.  What get’s lost is that faceBook is a great medium for highly targeting cheap inventory for Advertisers to build a brand to a targeted audience.  I high recommend that if you are trying to get the word out about your product, and even get good conversions that you try faceBook advertising.  We have been doing it since last fall for a couple of our projects, but right now for my wife’s stay at home Moms book called Mommy’s Little Money$Maker.  Without giving away any secrets, she has done quite well with it.  Here is an excerpt from the Forbes article and a link to it, enjoy:

Facing Up To Facebook’s Value

Taylor Buley, 04.07.09, 06:00 AM EDT

It takes a lot of ads to make all those friendships pay off.

How many Facebook users does it take to make a profit? Based on the advertising rates Facebook proffers, the number would be hard to overstate.

As a social network, has been a remarkable success. The site is gearing up to announce its 200 million milestone, roughly two-thirds of whom come from outside the U.S. Its fastest-growing segment is not across younger demographics, as one might expect, but women 55 years and older.

Operating at such a large scale isn’t cheap. The social network has 11 offices worldwide and more than 800 employees. Outsiders have suggested that Facebook’s burn rate is north of $200 million a year, a point that Facebook executives won’t comment on. If the company’s burn rate is even half that–say a mere $100 million a year–then it would make sense that it’s seeking additional funding. A company spokesman tells Forbes that it is not actively seeking venture capital. But additional money could come from other sources.

In the meantime, here are some ways Facebook could raise $100 million:

–Show 34,100 ads to each U.S. woman on Facebook aged 35 and up, or convince all U.S. men aged 35 and up to click on 28 ads each.  CLICK HERE FOR REST OF ARTICLE

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