Twitter, not just a cool name

April 28th, 2009 by admin

The hype cycle around Twitter rose to the top of everyone’s attention last week.  Especially with the competion of the most followers won by Ashton Kuthcer, beating out CNN with one million followers first.  In the recent months, I may have written an article of two about Twitter and it’s Live blogging.  I have not been a huge fan, as I love faceBook and Twitter is too one dimensional at best.  However, I do love the name, It’s the best name to come along in a long – long time.  A great brand name can also make a website very popular.  And, “this happens to be major reason for it’s popularity” as mentioned to me last night by a media planner for one of the largest Interactive agencies in the world.  He goes on to say that his company told him and his peers to start using it to spread viral marketing.  While they are using it, He however prefers faceBook as do I. 

I do believe Twitter has promise as a live search and information service.  I also have talked about how Google needs to watch out, and how Microsoft needs to buy it, not later, but now.  The longer they wait, the more it will cost.  Regardless of who buys it, they need to leave it alone and let it do it’s thing.  In Microsoft’s case, they should extend their search engine on it, no matter what it’s called.  They need traffic and cool brand association and Twitter will provide that.

I have been reading some great articles about the best uses of Twitter, and I can certainly say that it’s not fully tapped or utilized for this yet.  Twitter is about live blogging and instant information broadcasting.  It will soon become the instant information source, surpassing Google, CNN, or anything else.  One of the best things is that it has a large commercial application for large brands to provide a platform for their message to their prospects, clients and users.  As we wrote in my book and our tagline for the site was, Blogcast your brand.  So it really is the fastest way to blogcast your brand.  FaceBook on the other hand may help you with much deeper development of your community and client base. 

What’s really interesting about Twitter, is the fact that it truely can democratize information as Google has started to do.  Here is a great article from eMarketer about the numbers of Twitter, and yes why it’s worth tweeting:

“Twitter lets people know what’s going on about things they care about instantly, as it happens,” Evan Williams, Twitter’s CEO, told The New York Times. “In the best cases, Twitter makes people smarter and faster and more efficient.”

A survey of Twitter users from MarketingProfs backs Mr. Williams’ views. On a scale from 1 to 5 (with 1 for strongly disagree and 5 and for strongly agree), the phrase “I find it exciting to learn new things from people” averaged a score of 4.65 and “I value getting information in a timely manner” averaged 4.58.

“Above all, people on Twitter are truly motivated by learning new things and getting information real-time, as it’s developing,” said Ann Handley of MarketingProfs.   See full aticle here

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Once a week is all it takes, here are some tips

April 20th, 2009 by admin

If you have not updated your professional blog or social network within a week, it’s time to do so.  Because if you don’t, people might think you are not serious about your web presence.  I am as busy as anyone, and we all can find excuses to not do it.   Besides the full time job, the two young kids at home, wife’s new book and social marketing to help with, (not to mention the physical exercise and church activities), who’s got time to regularly blog or manage their social network presence? 

It certainly is not me, but I do it anyways, at least once a week. So the rule of thumb for blogging and social marketing is to update your content at least once a week, so this does not make the presence stale.  Twice a week is impressive, and once a day maybe too much.  The key is to never compromise the quality of your content.  There is a site called that does a good job with daily content, and does a great job with up to the minute news and blogging.  Unless you are trying to be a breaking news blogging service, I say once a day is too much. 

Here is an excerpt from a great article on how to manage your social networking sites and adding content to them on a regular basis.  You can go to the full article from iMediaConnection by clicking here, but here is the net of it: 

Social application marketing (SAM) is about using tools to create multiple layers of distribution that can be grouped by process. That way, you spend less time talking to a machine and more time engaging with your desired audiences. There are a number of process steps.

1. Set up two email accounts. You’ll need Gmail and Yahoo Mail email accounts to activate and manage your profile and tools. I recommend setting up folders for each tool or application you create in order to quickly locate credential documents, as well as sort notification messages you may want to archive from each social network or tool site. Using a web-based email service also keeps your corporate email account clutter free from Twitter and Facebook account notification emails.

2. Claim your identity. Think of securing a username on a social network as owning a domain name for your company. In fact, screen name claiming needs to be integrated into your domain name buying process. You need to protect your online identity so that others don’t try to hijack your brand, product, or service name. To streamline the process, don’t check individual sites to see whether or not the name or names you need are still available, but instead look at 104 different sites at one time using UserName Check. The service doesn’t include every tool or network you may be considering, but it will save you a lot of time in the selection of your organization’s ID. If you’re planning on really locking down your identity, you’ll need to secure your i-names which are digital identifiers for individuals and organizations that begin with “=” for people and “@” for an organization. I like, an accredited i-broker.

3. Register your identity and store your account information in an excel spreadsheet. When you’re registering 75 or more profiles and over 4,000 screen names, you will need to archive the username and password information for each account. When you archive account credentials, be sure to include links to login pages along with the username, password, and name of the service or site. You will also need a column in your spreadsheet for application keys you’ll need to remember for activating distribution tools (I’ll get to that in just a moment). One additional tip when it comes to registering screen names:  Don’t use the same password for every account. Minimize unauthorized access to your organization’s accounts by using multiple passwords. That way, no single password grants an unwanted user universal access to all your accounts.

4. Populate your profile. Here comes the content (translation: here comes trouble). The best advice is to plan ahead. If you need legal reviews, disclaimers, insurance modifications (strange, I know, but trust me; this happened to a client), a corporate blogging policy, or even an online community guideline document, get them in place early so you can quickly plug in content from a Word document or spreadsheet. Content fundamentals you’ll need to have at the ready to decorate your profile include: An avatar or image, an “about” statement, links to sites, historic info (jobs, titles, timeline for the launch of a product), and links to third-party content you want to plug in.

5. Dashboard the process of updating your social network profiles. Browser plugins are nice if you’re just going to use one or two bookmarking tools, but if your organization is managing 15 to 25 profiles, you need to automate the publishing process across your accounts so you can spend more time talking to customers. This where many advertisers get stuck. They either don’t have a publishing strategy or they are overwhelmed with how to quickly recognize a follower. I use two tools to automate publishing and simple “reply to” messaging: and TweetDeck. These tools turn your content into software. Use them to leverage the power of a distributor to reach more audiences.   See More of full article..

As always, don’t forget to download our marketing book on blogging and you can always buy a copy at!

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The Best SEM Tools & SearchEngineWatch’s view

April 14th, 2009 by admin

The world of SEM Tools is vast and can seem complex, so I wanted to simplify things for people.  Before I go in to my details, I think it’s important that we understand that the best three tools really are from Google Adwords and Google Analytics (especially because it’s free), Yahoo Search, and my recent favorite of MSN Ad Intelligence with Excel.  Go to the article from if you want to go read their take on all the SEM tools.  But, I recommend reading the couple of paragraphs on what you need to know about SEM Tools.

I recently got a demo of MS adCenter Ad Intelligence tool’s new features coming soon.  It’s more robust and has some interesting features on keyword intelligence that are quite amazing.  I obviously can’t get in to the details, the features will be released in the upcoming adCenter release, just within a month or two.  It’s suppose to be one of the biggest releases for Microsoft’s adCenter.  If you have not downloaded the excel Add-In tool, you can go ahead and do that by Clicking Here Excel Add-In

One of the biggest problems with the tool was that it was previously not available for Excel 03, but that was fixed weeks ago.  The industry has largely hailed this tool and it’s integration with excel as the best keyword and user behavior tool out there.  Now if Microsoft just solves the search query problem, we would all be very happy! 

As far utilizing the tools the key thing is to remember, that Search Engine Marketing is all about understanding the search engines.  So you have to understand the basics of their algorithms, their user behavior, and how then rank ads.  Let’s not forget it’s all about keywords, keywords and more keywords.  For SEM Tools the most important first step is understanding search keywords and thier CTR’s, their volume, and obviously their price.  But what’s really important is to understand the back end conversion on your own site and how those search keywords are converting for your business. 

You would also be surprised how much search engines look at the landing pages of the Ads.  More and more relevancy of your ads text matching your keywords and your landing page content the better.  Of course, Google still looks at Landing page Title tag as the most important, and heading tags and content on or near the top of the page as possible.  They all look at it basically the same way, the more relevant the keyword match, the higher your ad shows up and lower your bid prices.  This was more of a myth in the past, but you really have to pay attention to keyword relevancy in your ads and in your landing page.  If you can automate as much of your keyword inserts from query as possible via variables the best.  

The article above mentions other great SEM tools for bid and budget management and better reporting.  Tools such as Overture’s,, and eFrontier obviously have internal data insights not just their technology to enhance campaigns.  So for big spenders, these tools and SEM services go hand in hand and should be utilized and managed properly with every eye of details and trends through smart analytics work.

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We still think Blogging is key and

April 13th, 2009 by admin

We still think blogging is a great way to promote your business, and we are glad to see that we are #8 on for the keyword “blogging“.  It’s one of the top 5 search keywords for blog.  At the center of our Marketing book, “Marketing is a CONTACT Sport” is blogging and SEO via blogging regularly.  As you are already starting to see that I am also blogging about my wife’s book and blog site at  Here book is titled ”Mommy’s Little Money$Maker: an inspirational guide for Stay at home Mom’s to start a business or earn a part-time income”.   If you know a Mom that needs/wants to earn a part-time income and wants to stay at home, this book is full of smart successful ideas. 

Here are some recent posts: 

Blooming Artist - Goodbloom

April 13, 2009 ·











Holly Bartos, the artist behind Goodbloom (featured in Daily Candy) found that there was something missing in her otherwise fulfilled and happy life.  Early in 2008, she discovered what it was:   a need for a creative outlet.  3 years ago she painted flowers on her daughter’s walls and enjoyed it so much, she started painting what she knew…flowers.  Go to to see her latest collection and be sure to check out her current blog.

Daily Candy Dallas Feature:




A Day in the Life of a (thrifty, frugal, ex-spendthrift) mom

April 11, 2009 ·

From the minute you get up until the time you lay your head on the pillow, there are moments that you need to spend money.  There are always ways in which you spend that you could get it for less,swap it for something cheaper or walk away completely.  Can you challenge yourself by saving $10 a day (OR MORE!!) on your usual purchases, go frugal and let the thrifty side of your life loose?  It’s fun and it won’t hurt you if you make it a game.  Here are some ways to do it:

coffee1) MORNING COFFEE. Straight to Starbucks or brewing at home.  Latte versus drip?  What’s your flavor?

  • ROUTE 1: If you usually sip something at a coffee shop in the morning, forking out $3 for a drink, brew at home and add that to your savings.  SAVINGS: $3.00
  • ROUTE 2: If you usually go for a latte, try a drip instead and save almost $1.50.  SAVINGS: $1.50

2) LUNCH. Getting ready to go out the door for work or hauling the kids out for the day and you just think that you will stop by and get food on the go?  Think ahead about what you are going to do for lunch. Ready to just fork out the $7.00 for a sandwich at the corner deli?  Being prepared means you make healthy choices and eliminate a hole in your pocket.

  • ROUTE 1: Prepare your own lunch.  Slop together PB & J, make a nice turkey with the fixings, or cook up some pasta the night before.  SAVINGS: $7.00 or more (per person)
  • ROUTE 2: Make a sandwich at home and buy yourself a salad or soup to go with it.  SAVINGS: $3.50. (per person)

bikes3) TRANSPORTATION. Driving to work?  Hauling the kids around town to school and actiivities. Think about the savings you could make if you take the bus, walk, ride bikes or carpool.  You will instantly save on gas and parking.

  • INSTANT SAVINGS: $ 5-10 per day!

noodles4) DINNER. Bag dinner savings by preparing meals ahead.  While being frugal, you will also be prepared when you grocery shop.  There are so many ways to save on food, but thinking ahead of time means you may save money and cut down on wasting food. Savings: $3-15 or more.

  • ROUTE 1: Make and freeze meals in large batches, so you always have a fresh meal on hand when you are in a pinch.  It will be a lot less tempting to call take-out or order a pizza to be delivered when you know that you have vegetarian lasanga waiting in the freezer to heat up.
  • ROUTE 2: Go meatless twice a week or more.  You can potentially shave off $25.00 or more per week on groceries if you just go vegetarian part of the time.
  • ROUTE 3: Grow some of your own vegetables.  Having a small garden can add up to savings during the harvesting months and kids will enjoy the process.  Remember when neighbors would bring over fresh tomatoes and peppers when growing up?  You can offer your children that same experience of getting friendly with dirt, caring for something and watching it grow.
  • ROUTE 4: Eat simply.  Kids love pasta with a simple red sauce and so can you.  Try some new recipes that are easy to make and provide nutrition without all of the costly ingredients.  Try Indian Rice and Lentils (Dal).  It is cheap, healthy and fortified with vitamins and minerals to add to your family’s health.

wine5) WATCH THE BEVERAGES.  Say no to unhealthy juices, expensive smoothies, sodas and watch your alcohol consumption.  If you like to have a glass of wine, try the recession varieties, like Charles Shaw (2 Buck Chuck) for instant savings and they aren’t that bad either! SAVINGS: $5-12 or more per day.

6) GYM MEMBERSHIP. Use it or lose it.  Gyms can cost 1-2 dollars per day, so if you are paying and not using the gym think it over.  Try walking, jogging outdoors, hiking, exercising with your children (biking, swimming, roller blading) and have fun without the weight of memberships. SAVINGS: $1-2 per day.

Anymore daily savings that you can think of?  Please post comments.  Your thriftiness will help other families think of unique ways to make a difference for their families.

Shira Sela - Artist


I found this artist on my favorite site Poppy Talk Handmade – find it.  It is great art eye candy!

Shira Sela is an illustrator and designer with the website that displays her collection of personal work.

Working with both traditional and digital mediums she makes us of inks, pens and markers as well as various graphic and illustration softwares.

Her work is available in boutiques around the world and on etsy at



Trying to find ingredients for recipes that aren’t in your average grocery store.  See CHEFSHOP.COM for a pantry that is stuffed with hard-to-find, top-of-the line Imported, unique and fresh products.



Health and Your Astrological Sign

April 6, 2009 ·

plant “In medical astrology, different parts of the body are associated with each of the 12 signs,” writes Stephanie Gailing in her new book, “Planetary Apothecary.” Those parts of the body may be the most vulnerable, but, she argues, when taken care of, can be areas of great strength.

She has been recently featured in Daily Candy and on AOL’s homepage with an article featuring each sign and the particular body part that the sign is linked to.

Personally, I have to admit that she is right on about Pisces (my sign) and our dear feet.  I have broken my foot twice, have had two knee surgeries and foot reflexology does a world of good for my feet that beg to be cared for daily!  Is it all in our mind, or does astrology and when you were born have something to do with it?

Read her blog-based web site to find out more about the book and the author at


BABYPLAYS – Rent Toys & Save Money!

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babyplays_logo_2009What a concept at!

Toys delivered to your home for ages 5 and under.

You pick the plan; they send the toys.

  • Reduce cost on buying new toys.
  • Save money.
  • Declutter your home.
  • Have developmentally appropriate toys at every stage of your child’s learning.
  • Fun for the whole family.

Go to and start your child’s learning!


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MamaOm has April Savings!


Get the kids geared up for Earth Day with this Green Revolution tee.  Online 10 percent off coupon at

MamaOm has organic and eco-friendly mommy and me tees, beachwear and accesories.

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More traffic from faceBook instead of Google?

April 8th, 2009 by admin

I started writing about blogging, Google and it’s power back in 2003.  At the time, I was blogging on Blogger and had a WordPress blog too, especially as it was the way to SEO your site.  Blogs are the key to SEO, but now it seems Social marketing via faceBook and Twitter are gaining prominance as source of organic traffic.  We have been spotting trends earlier than most, but may not be the case on social marketing, and it’s power for overall Internet Marketing.  To make a bold statement, I think faceBook could eclipse Google in it’s ability to help marketers in the future.   Blogs are already a great source for organic conversion and traffic, second only to Google and keyword search conversion.  Blogging is a well known SEO and marketing tool, and SEM is an integral part of it, see our marketing book for full impact of it all. was reserved as a URL on Dec. 2005, as we wanted to create a social network for small business and professionals.  We were aware of faceBook, back in the fall of 2005 and MySpace was the real leader in social networking.  We played around with a lot of tools and technology, and chose WordPress and stick to blogging to promote businesses.  Now we think faceBook is the next big thing in Internet Marketing and it’s impact on driving organic traffic.  For smart marketers, we think that creating a faceBook fan page or a related faceBook group should be as important part of their marketing efforts.  If you want a full basics on our thoughts, do download our Marketing Book, especially it’s focus on blogging.

Facebook Eclipses Google Referrals on Some Sites

A small Excerpt from article:

For a handful of sites where users enjoy passing recreational time, Facebook refers more traffic than does search giant Google.

Such sites include CafeMom, Evite, video site, Twitter, and gossip sites and Dlisted. Advertising Age called the trend “surprising,” given that web users go to Google to work out “where to go next;” Facebook, in contrast, is more like an online space to loiter.

The social network generates slightly over one-third of Google’s unique visitors (50 million from the US versus 149 million in January, according to comScore).

For its part, PerezHilton received 8.7% of visitors from Facebook, compared with 7.6% from Google (Hitwise), in 2009. AdAge surmises this is mainly because gossip sites are places where users spend a lot of time. But the same did not hold true for another popular gossip site, TMZ, which drew 12.2% of traffic from Google, versus 3.8% from Facebook.

Apropos to the other sites: CafeMom has a Facebook Fan page. And Twitter users increasingly favor syncing their tweets with the Facebook news feed, which drives traffic back to

Facebook has also become a de facto space for sharing links, videos, music and other clips with friends, so it stands to reason that media hosts — such as — enjoy a growing amount of referral traffic.

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Social Marketing via faceBook works if you know what you are doing

April 7th, 2009 by admin

I have been blogging about faceBook for a long time, and have thought a number of posts to blog about.  This article today from Forbes is very interesting.  The slant is that faceBook has a long ways to go before it becomes profitable.  What get’s lost is that faceBook is a great medium for highly targeting cheap inventory for Advertisers to build a brand to a targeted audience.  I high recommend that if you are trying to get the word out about your product, and even get good conversions that you try faceBook advertising.  We have been doing it since last fall for a couple of our projects, but right now for my wife’s stay at home Moms book called Mommy’s Little Money$Maker.  Without giving away any secrets, she has done quite well with it.  Here is an excerpt from the Forbes article and a link to it, enjoy:

Facing Up To Facebook’s Value

Taylor Buley, 04.07.09, 06:00 AM EDT

It takes a lot of ads to make all those friendships pay off.

How many Facebook users does it take to make a profit? Based on the advertising rates Facebook proffers, the number would be hard to overstate.

As a social network, has been a remarkable success. The site is gearing up to announce its 200 million milestone, roughly two-thirds of whom come from outside the U.S. Its fastest-growing segment is not across younger demographics, as one might expect, but women 55 years and older.

Operating at such a large scale isn’t cheap. The social network has 11 offices worldwide and more than 800 employees. Outsiders have suggested that Facebook’s burn rate is north of $200 million a year, a point that Facebook executives won’t comment on. If the company’s burn rate is even half that–say a mere $100 million a year–then it would make sense that it’s seeking additional funding. A company spokesman tells Forbes that it is not actively seeking venture capital. But additional money could come from other sources.

In the meantime, here are some ways Facebook could raise $100 million:

–Show 34,100 ads to each U.S. woman on Facebook aged 35 and up, or convince all U.S. men aged 35 and up to click on 28 ads each.  CLICK HERE FOR REST OF ARTICLE

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