B2b and B2c Marketplace for your small business?

January 30th, 2008 by admin

As some of you know we are building a b2b marketplace, with B2C capabilities(Business 2 Consumer) online marketplace, we are doing this as we don’t see an adequate or cost effect Marketplace on the market. 399391_52501071-sxchut-for-photo-blog-online-marketplaces.jpg Please don’t tell me about Craigslist, it’s too frivolous and most professional businesses need better tools. Also, do you know why we have more pictures of women than men on our site? It’s because women do more shopping than men, and that is why they are also used more in online marketplace advertisements. The main reason we are doing this is to promote our small business community. Just to be self-serving as all businesses should be, we want to promote our trading business community and 401398_75652317fromsxchuphoto-blog-for-online-marketplace.jpg Barter system at ITEX.com. Why? We think there are significant advantages to joining a barter network, the main one being attracting new customers, and getting rid of perishable inventory such as time related products & services such as Hotel or rental vacancies, Lawyers having fixed employee cost, but not enough billable clients, etc. etc.

The biggest problem to promote our barter system @ ITEX is the lack of awareness of how Barter works. We all can immediately see the value, but how does it work today? A professional barter system is not just a swap meet, it’s a trading business community of professionals. But, most small business owners just don’t know the value of Barter, because they have not been made aware of how it can help them grow their businesses. Bartering has been around for a long time, but don’t make my word for it, even the ancient times of India:-), Ok, I just wanted to add a word about India, as I had this picture. Business-photo-blog-barter-small

There are actually fortune 500 companies, not just small businesses that barter for goods and services, and in the IT and NYC finance world, I have heard the term called soft dollars. The key is to not hide the transaction report the sales as sales and costs as costs, and pay the IRS it’s dues, keep The Uncle happy:-).

Enough about barter for the moment, let’s talk about our b2b and B2C marketplace, and the lack of features available in most online marketplaces today. 424777_emilie_goes_outside_182sxchu-photo-blog-online-shopping.jpg Here are some of the features that are missing:

1. Missing a professional low-cost or free online marketplace, that attracts huge consumer based. You have eBay which charges huge fees, but it’s really an auction site and it works well for sellers but not buyers. Amazon is all about them, they charge even more, and Yahoo Stores has too many technical issues every Christmas season.

2. Most online marketplaces that are free, are not professional and don’t offer the tools and social business community tools that sellers and buyers really need.

3. Customization to represent the brand of the seller is missing, especially within the eBay stores or Amazon, they will charge you to set up a website or web store, but in their online marketplace, they are again all about them. Yahoo stores is much better in this category.

4. The ability to provide SEO and optimized content to promote the sellers stores is done in a limited fashion, almost by accident. The Yellow pages companies have started to go down this road, but they don’t have any significant value in the local SEO tools, all they have is the advertising dollars.

5. Online marketplaces are going towards allowing their client businesses advice, tips, and news letters, and some blogging tools. But a true collaborative social networking community is at the moment separate than the shopping. As we know shopping is a social activity, especially for women, any men want to debate this one? 686180_portraitorilon-wifefromsxchutphoto-blog.jpg

As you can see their is a lack of a professional businesses online marketplace. Our goal is to come from the business community tools perspective and provide the businesses not only the ability to have classifieds and online marketplace, but a large consumer base based on our SEO capabilities of each product and profile listing of each member. So to say this in a light manner, we will build the SEO in the store, so that the members will get more traffic than their own websites, why should Amazon, Craigslist, and eBay be the only ones. Our online marketplace and small business community will get results to help each and every entrepreneur.

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How to attract profitable customers?

January 28th, 2008 by admin

This may be the most important question any business has to answer. But in my opinion it’s not enough, it’s important to have profitable customers.  Some of you SEO for clients, some of those clients I am sure you wish you could fire?  And if you had enough profitable clients, you probably would.  I learned that lesson long time ago when I worked for a large company, but as a small business owner, it’s been hard for me to deal with. But, as I have fired a client or two, the key is to not worry about firing bad clients. It’s getting enough profitable customers, so you have a successful business.  How do you do that?   Well SEO is a great way, probably one of the best ways, so is Barter, but we are biased.  As, we seek active buyers as SEO consultants. We never push via email or calling or bothering people, read the Barter article below, but here are my 5 points on attracting profitable clients:

1. Make sure you have more than enough clients, this will always help you price high, as you will never ever be desperate, easier said than done. But, SEO well, Design well, and sell, sell, sell, or advertise, advertise, advertise.

2. Charge a lot, be known as the best, always charge a lot, this will make sure you will make money, and take care of your clients.

3. SEO, well Duh, but SEO for specific keywords, research your keywords well maybe even do some Google Adwords SEM.

4. Get more customers through testimonials, provide information, join an online marketplace like eBay it almost requires you to get Testimonials, focus on one to many marketing not just one-on-one, this will drop your cost of sales.

5. Automate your selling process, join eBay, didn’t we already say that, well we like eBay!  Not the other Seattle online marketplace, starts with an A–they are terrible and too expensive.  These marketplaces will promote your products, Oh yeah blog on MyTypes.com and Blogger, oh on WordPress.com too..Blogging as you know is the #1 key to online marketplaces right now, why, they all want to build communities, even FaceBook!

As some of you know that this small business blogs and blogging company recently partnered with ITEX, a Barter system. We are also helping to create an online marketplace for them/us to help small businesses sell and buy products on line. Well to my SEO surprise we got ranked #54 for online marketplace, in our first 2 weeks of focusing on this wonderful keyword, well maybe 3. I love the speed of our SEO, but I have been waiting for this for a while. Some times we have to be patient, as the results do come, especially with very competitive keywords. Our goal for the online marketplace is not just to help b2b companies but to help them create the best online marketplaces and sell more goods and services, in an easy and beautiful system. Well more on this online marketplace and small business community of ITEX later, here is the blog and an article on How a Barter System can help you attract more customers. It’s all about exposure isn’t it!

“Barter system can help attract new customers:”

I wrote a blog article earlier on how Barter can help you increase profitable sales. it got erased, we are moving servers and databases today. Upgrading for all the increased traffic that we have been getting. Increasing your profitable sales can happen, when you follow the secrets of the successful small businesses. They know that no matter what, they have to build a reputation that their customers adore and their friends recommend their small businesses. The article below shows how a professional Barter network can help you attract new customers. It’s an old article, but barter has been around for centuries, and it’s as old as business it self. By the way, the article mentions a Barter company called Bxi, you may be wondering what happened to Bxi, well Bxi is part of the ITEX barter company. The key to any barter network is the size of it’s business marketplace and the number of barter items available. If you check out our online marketplace by going to our new marketplace, you will love it. But, let’s get you to read the article on how to attract new customers first. We will discuss online marketplaces and barter items you can check by visiting our marketplace by clicking here.

Bartering system can help attract new customers – Pacific Business News Honolulu:

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Using Testimonials from actual customers to increase sales

January 26th, 2008 by admin

No matter what you sell, Testimonials have been the best selling tool. Either for any traditional business referral system or even an eCommerce system. People like to read other people’s reviews and ratings, hello did eBay and Amazon prove that?  At the heart of most business networking clubs and at the heart of any small business community, are a referral based network.  Most small businesses, actually big ones to, operate on personal references.

What is the best way to get a testimonial to show case credibility for your products or services?  If you have a product, easiest thing to do is to sell on eBay, second try Amazon if you have to, they have reviews for books, but other stuff too.   Do Not try to get your clients to write a review or testimonial for you, it usually is to cumbersome for them, unless they are willing to, if they are have them do it.  The easiest thing to do is to actually write it for them, make it factual, make it honest, keep it to 2-3 sentences, and send it to them in an email to have them approve it.  If they do, as they easily will, than use it on your website.  Voila you have testimonials, with this comes credibility.  Have you noticed comments on business blogs?  Those are testimonials as well, the more people that comment on your blog, the better your blogs look, and more credibility you earn.

Here are some actual testimonials for our Infrared Heaters online business.  We started to SEO our Infrared Heaters almost 2 months ago, for a while I was writing a better than eden pure heaters blog, way to much blogging for me. Well, GreenIsBetter.org is now a PR4 site, and the site is doing well.  Attached are real testimonials are of our Comfortzone Infrared Heaters, sold on our eBay account. We have sold many more of these on our website. In my previous life, my real estate websites Urbantango.com and XoomPad.com both had high visits on our testimonials page.

***This is a blog I wrote about our energy saving heaters in our other blog.

Hi Everyone, You have seen me blog a few weeks about our Comfort zone Infrared Heaters which we claim are better than Eden pure Heaters. These Infrared Heaters are saving our customers money on their electric bills, on their heating bills, and especially if they are using oil and gas. But don’t take my word for it, here are some of our customers from our eBay sales. We mostly sell these better than eden pure heaters at our website Greenisbetter.org.

These are recent testimonials:


I’m really loving my new comfort zone heater!
I love that it’s ultra-quiet and I especially love the quality of the heat that it puts out.
It doesn’t make the air dry and staticy like other space heaters that I’ve had.
My dogs love to lay in front of it and I have never seen them do that with any other heater.

The best part is that it’s really lowered my heating bill. I can see that by the end
of this winter, it will have paid for itself and some. It looks great too! I actually get quite a few compliments on it. I’ll be purchasing a couple more for my family for Christmas!

David Klein

I had another brand of Quartz Infrared Heater in my home last year. While I did save on my electrical bills, the heater was just too noisey for me and i only ran it in the living room. My new ComfortZone Heater is sitting in my bedroom. It turns on and off all night and i never hear a thing. The new electronic thermostat and the delay start feature I think were great improvements over my previous heater. Besides your extended warranty, the thing I like the most is the look.

Lesslie Scott

Here are some Recent Testimonials: We also sell a few of these items on eBay so that we would get Testimonials. Read why our products are better than Eden pure Heaters, don’t just listen to us, we hear that from customers who have both!

Nice heater ,fast shipping ,Good Company Buyer:0020110 ( 57) Jan-09-08 10:23
It was a gift and they loved it, saying they aren’t cold anymore. Buyer:galindor4 ( 17) Jan-09-08 07:30
Great EBay …. Fast Delivery A+ Buyer:chuckstain2000 ( 117) Jan-08-08 18:52
Nicely packaged and shipped quickly Buyer:tiltrack ( 5 ) Jan-05-08 13:27
Unit looks just like what i was looking for Buyer:motesah1946 ( 8 ) Jan-04-08 14:28
Great heater…..the kids love it. Fast shipper too! Buyer:tomhammer ( 262) Jan-04-08 04:40
Excellent product. Fast shipping. Easy transaction. Would do business again. Buyer:cronus68 ( 106) Jan-03-08 13:58
Delivery was fast, It does the job. And it is so cute Buyer:cathy6434 ( 19) Jan-03-08 08:36
Amazing…i can already tell a difference…. Buyer:bonz121 ( 20) Dec-31-07 19:59
  Great communication, good seller & product, would deal with again Buyer:mustang2162 ( 15) Dec-29-07 04:10
Contact and shipment same day Buyer:rzfanjimmy ( 18) Dec-27-07 08:33
Item arrived on time & in perfect condition, good prices Buyer:mushay ( 55) Dec-27-07 07:17
great seller, excellent communication, thanks Buyer:peter47hd ( 17) Dec-25-07 18:52
great to deal with A+ Buyer:dirtrace95 ( 429) Dec-20-07 13:03
Great person to work with! Thanks! A+++++++++++++++++++++ Buyer:coo24 ( 335) Dec-19-07 19:13
Great person to deal with! Great customer service! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buyer:coo24 ( 335) Dec-19-07 19:11
Everything was as seller advertised…truly expedient service!!!!!!!! 5 stars Buyer:nelson388 ( 10) Dec-19-07 14:39
Received promptly and in good order. Thank you. Buyer:371g49 ( 163) Dec-18-07 09:51
good communicator, prompt Buyer:troclo9999 ( 2 ) Dec-17-07 15:19
  Good Ebayer! Good Communication. Fast Shipment. Thank you! Buyer:rettro96 ( 37) Dec-16-07 18:25
Outstanding ebayer! Super fast delivery! Excellent customer service!! Buyer:flyskiskiing ( 50) Dec-15-07 06:26
As described fast shipping A++ Buyer:brokedh ( 130) Dec-12-07 19:08
FAST SHIPPING GREAT EBAYER THANKS A++++++ Buyer:noonan99 ( 228) Dec-10-07 09:42
Heater works well! Heating an entire basement apartment in New England! Buyer:laketodd ( 232) Dec-08-07 03:23
good seller, works great thank you Buyer:funkymoonbaby ( 179) Dec-07-07 04:36
Fast & Smooth Transaction,Great Product,Great Ebay Seller (A+) Buyer:race-rock-2000 ( 750) Dec-06-07 08:43
Great communication. Fast shipment. Nice product. Thank you!!!!! Buyer:moonpiesb ( 72) Dec-02-07 13:33

Don’t forget to go to our Greenisbetter.org Infrared Heaters store, remember others think they are better than eden pure heaters, hope you got enough evidence.

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My Life on a Pier: Tip #4 by Vipin Singh of MyTypes.com

January 25th, 2008 by admin

In case some of your are new to this series of blogs, we are comparing being on a pier to being out on a Limb (*where we are out on our own, taking risks, waiting for our ship to come in, trying to catch fishes, basically being an Entrepreneur). When I am out on a Pier, I am looking out, waiting to catch a boat, usually a fairy, I do live in Seattle:-). So this tip is about SEO blogs and Blogging, why do we do, how you can do it, and how to best promote your businesses. So here are top 10 reasons why all businesses should be blogging and must have blogs for SEO!

1. Blogging is a great way promote your message, and your businesses. Especially for SEO, as Search engines love blogs content as each post has a time stamp on it.

2. Blogging and blogs help you add content to your website easily, most blogs are very easy to use, and websites are very hard to add content too.

3. Blogging regularly adds up-to-date information about your products, your supplies, your customer testimonials, or whatever you want to communicate.

4. Blogs are the best way to create community around your store, your marketplace, and your customer base.

5. People can comment on your blogs, unlike your comments, and you can control your comments, which is better than forums.

6. Make it multi-media, most if not all blogging platforms all you to add photos to your blogs, and It’s very easy to add videos from YouTube etc.

7. Blogging platforms such as WordPress, Typepad and Blogger all have the best Site Structure and follow W3c standards. As mentioned before many times, Site Structure is the most important first step for SEO.

8. Blogging tools have many many features to enhance the web experience for users, which most companies cannot develop on their own.

9. Blogging platforms such as WordPress which are Open Source, usually have an amazing number of blog templates available for free and for purchase. We are talking thousands here folks, and the can help you personalize your website easily.

10. Blogging is like journaling and it’s fun, most people who blog often love it! The community of bloggers is an amazing force that is not only driving our businesses, but our political campaigns and decisions. The blogsphere and blogs are the #1 tool for most web 2.0 applications, and Social networks.

***As always this blog is sponsored by our small business community of ITEX, the Bartering System and b2bmarketplace. Also, Comfortzone Infrared Heaters which are better than most Eden Pure Heaters, and lastly Cross Jewelry by LoveRelic.com. And as always our true passion from small business blogs of MyTypes.com blogging platform.

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My Life On A Pier: Tip #4 by Vipin Singh MyTypes.com

January 24th, 2008 by admin

Go ahead and read this blog on Small Business Tip #4, how to get over lying ex-clients or ex-staff or any other business partner. We are the blogging people as you know, but we have maintained for Online Markeplace pace amusement park photo blog since day one that we want to help small businesses with their SEO and blogging platform to help them blogcast their brand. All businesses should be focused on getting profitable clients and reducing costs. Reducing their cost is such a personal lifestyle taste matter, we can’t really help them. We can help with an online b2b marketplace and eMarketing, and also by providing the best blogging tools. We also provide writing advice as this seo blog and providing free blog templates for WordPress Themes. So lots of good Karma being earned here.

My Life On A Pier: Small Business Tip #4 by Vipin Singh MyTypes.com

Blog with your Brand in the title of the blog post, just like what I did. Just so you know we started to write this series of small business blogs last Friday, to help the entrepreneurs triumph over liars and cheaters who say bad things about them. In our case it was a disgruntled ex-friend of ours, Fun pic for online marketlaces photo blog who has attacked our company and lied maliciously to hurt our company. We don’t mind admitting our mistakes and having gone through financial difficulties, name an entrepreneur or any small businesses who has not? What we don’t like is liars and nasty people, how do you deal with Liars and cheats? That is the same question someone asked on an eBay blog, and I tell you it’s a problem dealing with bad people. Tell us about your challeneges with these people hurting your brand, and we will blogcast about how wonderful you are. My guess is that any small business still around, has an entrepreneur who has made it so, and if they weren’t ethical, they wouldn’t be around.So bad people, stop bad mouthing small business owners and businesses, the spirit of Entrepreneurship will keep on keeping on, and we will be blogging about it to help anyone who needs it! How can you spread the good word on your businesses?

First thing is to write blogs on popular blogging platforms such as Blogger, WordPress, and of course the 860803_roller_coaster-karma_ride-photo-blog.jpg best community blogs @ MyTypes.com. We actually have great articles on Blogging right there on the front page, and we do really well for SEO and are great to rank your blogs high on Google. Second, get the truth out and don’t be afraid to tell your side, but never fuel their fire of hate or lies, stay positive. We want to make sure that the whole marketplace of your industry knows that you are good people, especially the online marketplace needs to help the hard working entrepreneurs! Third, blog often but always add some value to your readers. Staying positive, asking forgiveness if you made mistakes, and spreading good karma will go a long way.

Online markeplace or traditional small business marketing, it doesn’t matter where your local businesses work or play. 870549_roller_coaster_at_the_fair_online-marketplaces-photo-blog.jpg What matters is that you provide more value than you get from your clients. Long term success always depends on having raving fans, and we certainly do at MyTypes.com. Just like us, one or two rotten apples can’t wreck the bunch. So look the other way, but blogging about your businesses products and services and talking about how you helped your clients in great testimonials, that will only help you weather the tough times.

So go ahead and blog your way to the top, and keep us your blogging friends in your social network and spread the word about our community blogs. Enjoy!

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My Life on a Pier: Small Business Tip#3, by Vipin Singh of MyTypes.com

January 22nd, 2008 by admin

We write about SEO and blogging to get rankings on search engines here, but you know that the owner of the site gets to use it to promote his agenda right?:-).  Well my agenda is not so bad, it’s pretty much small business as usual, oh we are launching this great online marketplace, oh but you already knew that from yesterday’s blog, sorry:-(.. I promote my blogs, I provide free blogs and advice so you come back here more and more, and tell others to use this great site too.  Some times, i write well, some times, I don’t.  This particular blogging series I am using called My Life on a Pier is inspired by a bad person, to help me turn lemons in to lemonade.  To focus on positive messages and small business tips and inspiration blogs to help all dreamers dream big.  This series is catchy enough that I might even change the name of my book that I am working on.  So now you know what I am blogging about this small business tips and calling it “My life on a pier”.  When we go out on a limb, we some times have to go through challenging times.  But, we need to just go through these times with a positive attitude and just keep blogging our way to the top, especially if we are going to be successful!

My Life On A Pier: #1 Key to Success “being Nice” by Vipin Singh of MyTypes.com

January 22nd, 2008 at 03:25 pm by Admin in small business blogs

I wrote this blog yesterday, so this one is a little older, the one for today will come out tonight. I don’t know Banch Benice Online Marketplace photo blog how to catalog these small business inspirational blogs, but I guess since we are the blogging people, we will figure this out.

My Life On A Pier: #1 Key to success–being Nice, by Vipin Singh of MyTypes.com

There is nothing worse than a whining looser, or an ungracious winner. While I love and appreciate the under dog, as I rooted for the Giants yesterday, I am always looking for a champion with gracious attitude. I do find that so many of the winners actually are nice and grateful people. In my experience of watching almost all championship matches, I have seen many more nice people than mean and selfish whiners I will call them.

Why is it important to be a nice person, that is being genuienly kind, rather than being a politically correct polite person. Kindness serves beautiful people on way to marketplace  Some of you know that I live in Seattle, a place I call very polite, but not necessarily nice. People from other parts of the country, usually comment on this Seattle trait. Jill my wife and I were shocked at the lack of kindness, and often selfish/self centeredness of this rainy depressed city. We came from Minnesota, a place known for it’s compassion and kind nature. The Minnesota nice is actually a genuine caring kind, and a lot of people from Minnesota and Wisconsin have settled here, so there is plenty of kindness.

You see being nice does not mean being a push over at all.  women emotional for online marketplace photo blog  Some times being nice actually requires having courage enough to do the right thing, and be a little angry, but in a compassionate way. So be honest, be kind, conflict is ok, but try to be graceful and kind. Being nice means often to do the compassionate unselfish thing. I find that no great person ever succeeded alone, especially in business and politics. We need each other, especially if we are going to accomplish something significant. Usually successful people want to help others, and they are looking for the leaders of tomorrow to nurture and show the way. Being nice to all people is just One Of The Most Important Ways to get their attention.

Go ahead be nice on your way to the Top, you will make more friends on the way there, to party with!  Time Squar the Party Place in NYC for online marketplace

**As always this small business blog is brought to you by the kind folks who choose to help us pay our bills, the cross rings folks of Designer Jewelry @LoveRelic.com, the Online Marketplace of the bartering system ITEX.com and lastly the folks at Comfortzone Infrared Heaters, which are significantly better than Edenpure Heaters.

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January 21st, 2008 by admin

Capitalism makes the world go around, we all get that don’t we? Indio_marketplace-for-blog-photo-from-sxc.hu  Yes, as we all need goods and services, a marketplace usually provides that doesn’t it. How and why you ask, and why are we talking about it here? Well it’s simple really, we are about to build the best business online market place, and as part of the ITEX barter network and bartering system, we already have 24,000 small business members. So what really is a traditional marketplace and are people searching for on an online Marketplace? Yes, and they are doing it with keywords, for not just places like Pike’s market, or San Francisco China market. They are searching for items for sale, by searching for keywords “For Sale”. We talk a lot about SEO here, so I have to add a thing or two to it.

A full fledged SEO keyword analysis helped us get to the fact that there is much more to the word Marketplaces than meets the eye. For online market places, people now days think of Craigslist, but New York times has a market place of classified ads, and so does every single news paper in the country. Hong Kong Not-online-Marketplace Photo for blog from sxc.hu  So that means that every single local city has a market place through their neighborhood news papers. Now days, most of them are going on the web to create an online market place. All of which makes it easier for people to buy and sell goods and services, and our niche will be the online market place for small businesses.

Why are we setting up, yet another online marketplace you ask? Companies like Craigslist and all the other free directories are not professional enough, and quality of it’s vendors is dramatically prone to fraud and scams. On the other hand companies like eBay and Amazon charge too much for their online marketplace, and don’t provide personal service. Many small businesses can go broke trying to sell on  right before Christmas marketplace rush for photo-blog-from sxc.hu these marketplaces. Than there are the yellow pages directories and business pages directories, they are wonderful because they are usually local. But, they have been terrible at providing adequate technology and tools. So what would you get if you combined MySpace with Blogging from Blogger with eBay with your local yellow pages? Hopefully you understand that the Online Marketplace of ITEX bartering small business blogs powered by MyTypes.com is a powerful combination. There we have 30 categories of products and services from Accommodations and travel to Telecommunications and Transport. We hope to provide small businesses all the technology tools that they ever need on this online marketplace, and hopefully we will keep the service free if not very low cost.

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My Life On A Pier by Vipin Singh of MyTypes.com

January 20th, 2008 by admin

Some of you know that we provide a lot of free blogs and blogging services to over 5000 people.  We also announced 2 weeks ago that we partnered with a small business bartering firm ITEX.  We have been writing blogging and SEO coaching tips so that you continue to provide great content while providing great SEO’ed blog templates.  We ran in to financial trouble last summer, and have since turned the corner and have started to make payments to our contractors.  One of our contractors has gone on to say terrible things about us, lying–we had fired him prior, but he kept on begging us to stay.  He was actually some one that we went above and beyond to help, we helped him move a couple of times.  He also was a friend before he was a contractor for us.  His lies really stressed me out, But the stress helped me to come up with this idea Inspiration blog every day about triumphing, bouncing back, and writing about entrepreneurship, and small business advice to help all dreamers continue to move forward regardless how bad things get for them.

Some times things have gone so bad in the last few months, I did not know what to do.  But, I and Keith kept on working hard, we kept on plugging away, and believing in our dreams.  And, now MyTypes.com blogging platform is thriving again, and we plant to not only pay all of our debts, but we are excited about being financially solvent.  I am writing this article series of My Life On A Pier, it will probably be a book on how to find ways to keep your dream alive.  I want your stories if you have any.  I know that most of you are small business owners and SEO consultants.  So read the blog below most of my blogs with be on my personal Inspirational blog, as this is more personal to me than professional.

My life on a Pier, Confidence of Tom Brady and Champions by Vipin Singh and MyTypes.com

No matter how bad things get, how bad you feel, how painful the circumstances, you need to believe in you. You can come out of it, if you find the confidence to believe in your cause, your desire, your goals. Tom Brady posses this confidence, other wise the team would not have gone 16-0 this year, there were some very close games. Ray Lewis the great line backer from the Super Bowl winning Baltimore Ravens, just mentioned that as a Tom Brady trait that is under rated. I just hear another Vince Lombardi quote, about never giving up, about your character is judged not on how much you fall, but how big you bounce back. Grant, the running back of the Green Bay Packers, had an incredible game of triumph last week, where he fumbled 2 times in a row for a two touch downs right away. But he never gave up, and Grant came back to run for over 200 yards, to lead the Packers to the NFC championship game of today.

No football analogy can be left alone with an equally more impactful Tennis one, which to me is the most visible display of mental strength or weakness. I am watching the Australian Tennis Open, Serena Williams my favorite player won earlier against a tough opponent. What was the main difference, Serena’s fighting will and confidence, even when she lost 2 games in a row and almost the whole set. But every point counts, and she won. Just like in life every thought counts. Here is one of my favorite poems, from James Allens book “As a man thinketh”, written in 1889. I think it should be retitled, as you thinketh you are!

Cherish your visions, Cherish your ideals, (even your ideas), Cherish your thoughts

Cherish the music that stirs in your heart, the beauty that forms in your minds, the loveliness that drapes your finest thoughts

Because of these, if you stay true to them, your world will at last be built!

Go dreamers and Entrepreneurs, you are leading the way to innovations and paving the way for us all!

**Please do support our blogging site at MyTypes.com and our Cross Rings at LoveRelic.com and Infrared Heaters @ Green is Better.com.

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Celebrity Jewelry Blog: the perfect way to SEO and Blogcast your brand!

January 19th, 2008 by admin

Our friends at LoveRelic.com have come up with an amazing theme, Celebrity Jewelry blog, and it kind of sort of just happened.  Do you like my casual language, well, I do try to keep things a little light.  A few months ago we told them start blogging about their cross rings and cross jewelry at LoveRelic.com.  We told them to use photo’s in their blogs, and to pick a theme and blog often, Jill Brahms the Cross jewelry designer, did that.  But, because she is true designer at heart, she took that to a new level, she started to find beautiful pictures of celebrities wearing jewelry.  Wow what a cool concept, and she has carved her niche, not just by SEOing, but by blogging about her passions.  I am sure she is about to become world famous for her celebrity jewelry blog, you heard it first.  Here are recent posts from the Celebrity Jewelry blog, so enjoy folks.  Remember the theme for any SEO project is to keep blogging, but to with focus and pictures.  This will help you blogcast your brand, and build annuity in your brand and people will search for your name, not just find on Search Engines.

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